Campaign Primer

The Aspary Peninsula

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The campaign will take place on the Aspary Peninsula, a small peninsula isolated from the mainland by mountains. To the rest of the world, the Aspary Peninsula is little more than a footnote, an occasional safe harbor to weather a passing storm.


  • Although their densities may vary from each other and by place, Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs can be found fairly widespread throughout the peninsula.
  • Pure-blood Elves are less common and are often perceived to be no different from Half-Elves.
  • Gnomes exist, but aren’t overly common.
  • Tieflings and Dragonborn are exceedingly rare and may end up being modified from the PHB (see Dicey if you wish to make one).

Countries of Note

Magic in the World

Magic in this world is more of a rarity, but Alchemy is quite common.

Arcana will still be as useful overall, but it will be less consistent. (Fewer magical occurrences crop up, but when they do, there will be fewer people capable of understanding them. This means it might be harder to find an NPC to help, or you might find yourself useful to other NPCs.)


Firearms are rare and risky. Firearms and ammunition are expensive and require specialists to create or maintain, and possession is restricted.

Gods and Religion

Deities are worshipped, but contact is rare to non-existent. The pantheon used is that of the Greyhawk setting.

Campaign Primer

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